Turkey Tetrazzini

If you’re awash in leftover turkey from last week, don’t despair! I share with you one of my favorite ways to alchemize Thanksgiving leftovers into something a little more exotic.

Turkey Tetrazzini has long been a family favorite. It’s creamy, comforting, and hassle-free.

Don’t know what it is? Just think of it as the turkey version of a tuna casserole: leftovers simmering in a creamy roux with a few vegetables and the comforting touch of noodles. There’s a little prep-work involved but the employment of frozen vegetables makes this a super-easy dinner to pull off. This, of course, works well with chicken. And if you don’t have leftover turkey, just go out and get a hunk of breast meat from the supermarket and dice it. Sometimes it’s sold pre-cooked. Even easier! Hope you give this a try:

This one is for Great Lakes Collagen: