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Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page

This is the fitness methodology I used (coupled with clean eating) to get rid of and keep off 180 pounds. I began using it in 2009 at 345 pounds; and to this day, it is still my primary form of exercise. It burns calories, and it keeps me flexible and feeling much younger than my 50+ years.

Its name comes from its creator, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), a former pro wrestler who was once nearly immobile with spinal injuries from his rough-and-tumble career in the ring. His lack of mobility made him desperate enough to give yoga (something he had always scoffed at) a try. It ended up completely surpassing his expectations.

Eventually, DDP was not only back on his feet, he was ready for the ring again. But not before taking what he’d learned on the yoga mat and making it into his own brand of fitness, which includes dynamic resistance, a cardio workout, and zero impact on your joints.

DDPYOGA is a winning formula that has helped me and many others regain or improve their health. And what’s more important than that?

And now, I not only practice it to stay fit, I TEACH the DDPYOGA Level 1 Workout. It’s an amazingly thorough 45-minute workout that’s perfect for intermediate and beginner levels.

I work primarily with small classes and one-on-one. I used to think that sitting on the couch was freedom. Wrong. My body was deteriorating by the day. Our bodies actually WANT to move. Don’t wait another year to feel better and move easier. Email me for rates and schedule options.


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