My (Success) Story

Believe me, I’m no stranger to dieting. Starting from the age of, oh, 9, I’d be hard-pressed to say whether I put more energy into white-knuckle deprivation or hating myself.

Our culture is one of extremes. We’re excessive with food, spending, the size of our houses, and on and on. And we’re excessively obsessed with perfection where appearances are concerned. The combination of these two extremes sent me reeling for decades. I spent most of my life under the erroneous assumption that my size and my self-worth were tied together irrevocably. Then I woke up and realized that wasn’t true. And then I really began a magic carpet ride of a healing process.

And guess what? It’s never really over. But then, who wants such a fascinating adventure to end anyway? I don’t! You can learn more about my story here:

To find out how I finally learned to love myself and began to heal the wounds of bullying and shame, see this video snapshot of my transformation, as told by filmmaker and fellow Team DDPYOGA member Joshua McAdoo:

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