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Byline: Stacey Morris

Below is a selection of articles I have written over the years on food, travel, and other topics, which have been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers.

Vermatzah: Ideal for Jewish Locavores”

Boston Globe, March 2015: Vermatzah
Boston Globe/Lifestyle

March 31, 2015

Vermont’s Naga Bakery crafts an eco-kosher product for Passover, which they call Vermatzah, made with organic, sustainable, locally sourced winter wheats and emmer….

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“Getting Away: Southern California”

Times Union, December 2014: Los Angeles
Albany Times Union/Women@Work

December 19, 2014

It may have the Dodgers, the Beach Boys, and some of the most extravagant shopping in the world, but it’s the film industry that has put Los Angeles on the map for the past century….

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“Why I Love…Brooklyn”

Amtrak Arrive, January 2013: Rosie Perez
Amtrak/Arrive Magazine

January/February 2013

Pizza, culture, borscht, and entertainment! Academy Award-nominated actress Rosie Perez knew her beloved borough was cool long before the hipsters arrived….

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“Why I Love…Cape Cod”

Amtrak Arrive, May 2012: Meredith Vieira
Amtrak/Arrive Magazine

May/June 2012

Viewers spent more than a decade waking up with Meredith Vieira. These days, she’s just as busy but still finds time to sneak out to her favorite summer getaway….

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“Why I Love…Manhattan”

Amtrak Arrive, January 2012: Dick Cavett
Amtrak/Arrive Magazine

January/February 2012

Whether it’s whiling away an afternoon at a museum or popping into a sushi joint for tempura, talk show legend Dick Cavett says there’s no better place to live than the Upper West Side….

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“Why I Love…Baltimore”

Amtrak Arrive, November 2011: Wanda Sykes
Amtrak/Arrive Magazine

November/December 2011

From enjoying Maryland crab to taking an open-air stroll around the harbor to visiting the Aquarium, comedian Wanda Sykes loves clowning around in Charm City….

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“Why I Love…Washington, D.C.”

Amtrak Arrive, March 2011: Candy Crowley
Amtrak/Arrive Magazine

March/April 2011

With 30 years in the nation’s capital, CNN anchor Candy Crowley—a veteran of eight presidential campaigns—may be the ultimate D.C. insider….

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“Recipe for (weight loss) Success”

Spry Living, June 2010: Jason Graham
Spry Living

June 7, 2010

Jason Graham, Executive Chef at the Cal-A-Vie spa in Vista, California, shares some of the mouth-watering food recipes (think pizza and cheeseburgers!) that helped him slim down….

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“Puerto Rican Grill”

Hannaford-Fresh, May2009: Puerto Rican Grill
Hannaford-Fresh Magazine

May/June 2009

Whatever your preference—chicken, steak, pork chops, or grilled tilapia—even those living in northern climes can enjoy a taste of the Caribbean outdoors with these year-round recipes….

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“Why I Love…Greenwich Village”

Amtrak Arrive, May 2009: Ruth Reichl
Amtrak/Arrive Magazine

May/June 2009

Whether she’s on the hunt for culinary inspiration or a trusty sommelier, Gourmet magazine editor Ruth Reichl looks no further than this Lower Manhattan neighborhood….

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Holiday Baking, December 2008: Meringues
Holiday Baking Magazine

December 2008

Light, airy, and blissfully fat-free, meringues balance out the bounty of rich ingredients that take center stage during holiday baking season for cookies, pies, and more….

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“There’s No Place Like Rome”

AAA World, November 2008: Rome
AAA World Magazine

November/December 2008

From the Pantheon to the Porta Portese, both ancient and modern fascinations unfold in la città eterna—Italy’s incomparable capital city.

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“Why I Love…the Adirondacks”

Amtrak Arrive, May 2008: Rachael Ray
Amtrak Arrive Magazine

May/June 2008

When it’s time to escape from New York, Rachael Ray, America’s favorite quick-fix, fast-talking chef, retreats to her home in the mountains for the perfect 36-hour getaway.

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“A Taste of Little Italy”

Italian Magazine, Spring 2007: Little Italy
Italian Magazine

Spring/Summer 2007

There’s little room left for la dolce vita in a city famous for its whirlwind pace. That is, unless you head to a macadam slice of Italian paradise known as Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

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