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As a complement to my personalized coaching services, below are resources and recommended links to various pages on the Web, as well as information on wellness products, favorite foods and cooking appliances, spas and retreat centers, books, and music that I have found most inspirational in my journey.

~ Healing: A Mosaic of Options~

doTerra Essential Oils

I stopped wearing perfume years ago, but these essential oils are so much more than just cleaner living. With specific blends and infusions created to address both physical and emotional wellness, I began dabbling with their uses about five years ago and I’m both fascinated and delighted with how beautifully they help my body, mind, spirit, and mood. Using these oils on the body, in the bath, in a diffuser to enhance the energy of a room is a great part of creating healthy life-rituals. There’s no one answer, but it’s fun to build your own unique mosaic.


Diamond Dallas Page
Because this former pro wrestler is so highly experienced in many other areas of fitness, Diamond Dallas Page quickly learned how different Yoga was from his traditional training, and he started mixing the best parts of Yoga with his more traditional workouts. Since then, DDP has refined his fitness regimen and has become a master at teaching it to others, as well as motivating individuals to believe that anything is possible with dedication and hard work.

Nancy Guberti

Functional Medicine Specialist and Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Gluten-Free Foods I Love
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[clear-line]Cooking Equipment
  • VitaMix

    A truly life-changing appliance for me! It purees grainy cauliflower into velvety soups and mousses, grinds nuts into butter, and makes amazing smoothies!  And it’s great for juicing, because it blends the pulp to pure liquid so I get all the fiber.
  • A good wire whisk—a crucial tool for cream sauces and lumpless hot cereals.

~ Healing the Inside ~

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