Today’s Food Intake

I guess it’s not so odd that some people are curious.  Ever since my first absorbing voyage through the pages of Cosmo (circa age 22) I’ve been fascinated with the food-intake habits of those I aspired to look like.  I memorized breakfast irregularities, fluid-releasing tricks, fiber-overload, protein underload predilections of the models and movie stars. I never did master the art of mimicing the eating habits of Cindy Crawford and Vendela (remember her?), but then I realized it’s best to just listen to my body, because its signals and cues were designed specifically for me and I’d spent inordinate amounts of energy ignoring them.

That said, HFTT readers know I’ve always been an open book about the journey that never ends.  I’m down 180 pounds and 12 sizes through movement, clean eating and feeling with awareness, so naturally people want a few details on the mechanics.  Occasionally I’ll get a query from a reader in Toronto asking what I had for lunch today.  So when I saw another e-mail from one of my favorite and most loyal fellow Truth Seekers, I felt a thunderbolt of inspiration:  Make it a semi-regular blog post.

It’ll be illuminating for all of us, including me.  Because nothing puts what I’ve eaten for the day in a more unobjective light than writing it down…and then making it public.

Remember, I didn’t get here by dieting or following to the letter what someone else did.  I got great advice from my mentors, Dallas Page and Terri Lange, a nutritionist, various members of Team YRG, and my trainer at the gym.  Ultimately I made it my own and that’s what I encourage you to do.

I eat for both nutrition and pleasure.  For years I tried to stomp the latter out of the equation, believing that it was somehow immoral and unnecessary.  Oh, how wrong I was.  So here’s what my tastebuds experienced today…this evening both they and my body are pretty darn happy:

9 a.m.

Double espresso with 4 TBS. light cream and 3/4 TBS honey

Hot water and herbal tea (throughout the day)

2 duck eggs, Sunny

1/2 gluten-free roll, toasted with BUTTER

1 p.m.

1 cup raspberries – I usually eat fruit on its own, better for digestion

2 p.m.

Rhubarb tea (home-brewed…it’s rhubarb season!)

1 gluten-free cupcake

5 p.m.

Protein drink made with 1 scoop egg white protein powder, 12 oz. unsweetened almond milk, and a few shakes of cinnamon and apple pie spice (had a craving for the aromatic red spices today)

8 p.m.

Kale Salad with tahini dressing

11 p.m. (as soon as I post this)

Protein drink made with 1 scoop egg white protein power, 12 ounces unsweetened almond milk, spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder

There you have it.  Some days there are three formal meals, some days five or six smaller ones, and on days like today, semi-organized grazing. Today was a little more carb-oriented because I lifted hard at the gym, followed by 35 minutes of treadmill, and later the YRG Fat Burner (a 25-minute quickie workout I do to keep limber and on top of the core strength). Being fluid with whatever my body’s calling for works best for me.  What works best for you?  I know you’ll have some delicious fun finding out.