We all know diets don’t work. Well, guess what? Neither does self-loathing. I bounced back and forth between these two masochistic modalities for most of my life—until I began to deconstruct the faulty paradigm given to those with emotional eating and weight issues. (Spoiler alert: I won!)

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It’s Schleptemer – Take The Challenge!

Who's ready for the Schleptember Challenge? Now, I know the Webster dictionary of Schlep (Yiddish in origin) is to haul or carry something in a tedious way.  That's not the look we're going for.  Here's the proposal: Place extra focus this month on hauling yourself on foot rather than driving, … [read more]

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It’s The Great Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread

It all started with a challenge from Team DDPYOGA member and fellow DDP Radio co-host Mike Mullins. September had arrived and he wanted pumpkin recipes. So what better way to welcome autumn than a fragrant loaf of pumpkin bread? This is moist and delicious and full of beta carotene and fiber, thanks … [read more]

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