The Simple Joys of Swai

Swai is one of my favorite types of fish:  inexpensive, and surprisingly moist and tender if cooked via Chef Bill’s recipe below. Probably another reason I like it so much is that it bears a striking resemblance to catfish. I moan over this recipe, and I’m not a big fish lover.  The key is not overcooking. According to Chef Bill, it’s best to be less concerned with the blackening than with the proper cooking of the fish.  It does not have to be traditionally blackened to taste good.  Chef Bill made this for dinner the other night, and true our gluten-free nature, served it with a side of homemade potato hash. It’s also great with  green beans, sauteed spinach, baked zucchini, a side of basmati rice, a baked potato, gluten-free cappellini with oil and garlic – just about anything.  Summer’s the perfect time to enjoy a little Swai.   Let me know how you like the recipe  –  Bon Appetit!

Sauteed Swai

Serves Two:

Two Swai filets

Olive Oil

Good Quality Cajun Spice such as Emeril’s Essence or Paul Prudhomme’s Fish Magic

Lightly brush or rub filets with olive oil. Fairly heavily season both sides of the filet with Cajun spice. Heat approximately 3 TBS. olive oil in a large frying pan till almost smoking. Sear fish on one side approximately two minutes. Flip fish over with spatula and sear for two minutes. Add one pat butter to pan until pan is about smoking. Sear for 40 seconds each side. Serve immediately.

A Glorious and Gluten-Free Meal, compliments of Chef Bill…