Baby Steps Are A Virtue

For those bowled over by my (or anyone else’s) before and after shots: There’s no ‪magic‬ moment where it all begins. ‪ Healing‬ is a process. A series of Realizations. One big extended ‪Awakening‬.

People often write to me looking to have it all solved with a diet or food plan. While their intentions are in the right place, an overly rigid food plan usually does nothing more that figuratively tie your arms into an uncomfortable position that you can’t wait to free yourself from.

My starting point...let the rational baby stepping begin.

My starting point…let the rational baby stepping begin.

Very often the biggest and most helpful step you can take is to agree not to diet or force change where food is concerned. It’s a huge and significant load off your back that allows change from within to begin. And you’ll have the time and emotional energy to invest in cementing healthy habits that will feel natural.

As I say in my book “Clean Comfort,” you can’t keep everything intact in your life and expect change. So go for little shifts, instead of black and white thinking.

Are you a fast food addict? Add more produce to your life. Any form will do.

Is soda your drink of choice? Cut back a little and drink water, seltzer, or herbal tea instead.

Feel stymied by a toxic person in your life? Start by being honest with yourself about how it affects you and work up to some straightforward communication.

Baby steps. It’s the best and most enjoyable way to lasting change. The mind and body can only take so much change and shuffling around anyway before they put the brakes on one way or another and tell the torrent of rigidity to talk to the hand.

Baby steps got me to where I am today. Baby steps. All I’m asking you to give up is the All-Or-Nothing belief system.


Lighter, freer, happier, and still baby-stepping. Know why? 'Cause Life's a Journey!

Lighter, freer, happier, and still baby-stepping. Know why? ‘Cause Life’s a Journey!

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