Does YRG Really Work?

Well….you tell me.

Below is me on my first plane ride as a non-seatbelt-extension-wearing citizen. It was late September 2009, 125 pounds lighter 9 months after beginning my YRG Journey. Truly a euphoric moment, and you can see the Joy radiating off of me, emanating from every pore. Sure it’s great to look better, but the sense of physical and emotional freedom is priceless. And as my fitness guru, Diamond Dallas Page says, nothing tastes as good as Excellent HEALTH.

Fast forward to February 24, 2011, approximately two years after I started doing YRG, stopped drugging myself with food, and started paying attention to who I really Am. I’d flown several times since September 2009, but for the heck of it, whipped out my camera and asked my seat mate to snap a shot – I wanted forensic evidence of just how much leftover belt there is now – I’m still reeling. YRG for LIFE!