Practicing What I Preach

Ladies & Gentleman, I have an announcement to make: menopause is LOSING! It took 3 months of unmitigated grit, and now the tunic I purchased as incentive and could barely get over my head in April FITS! 

 This unavoidable passage has been a humbling Life Lesson in so many ways, not the least of which has been hand-delivering the need for me to check my pride and ego at the door.

Just when I thought I’d be coasting at my goal range, menopause and all its attendant symptoms barged into my life like a noisy, unwelcome freight train…carrying an extra-wide caboose in tow. I laughed at the first few pounds: “Ha-ha-ha, I can just metabolize it away with more cardio!” Thousands of steps later and not an iota of change, I became alarmed. So I swung into action. My friends who had already completed the fire-walk warned me about the girdle of fat around the middle that is impervious to exercise and calorie-cutting. I thought they were being drama queens – it made no biological sense. But let me tell you. Menopause is one tough opponent.

And after a series of doubling down, getting discouraged and giving up, then doubling down and getting discouraged again, I realized it’s best to not treat this unavoidable process like an enemy. There’s some anthropological reason that it occurs, I can’t stop it, but I can manage it as best I can. And I had to reach into my tool box and really work at practicing what I’m preaching. I began to focus more on loving my body and listening to it than making it work overtime. I increased the positive self-talk and Gratitude aimed at my beautiful body for all it does for me. And I consulted with a professional. It has taken well over a year to get a handle on this situation and I couldn’t have done it without the guidance of functional medicine specialist & nutritionist Nancy Guberti.

Releasing the menopause weight also required me saying Hasta La Vista to white carbs, reassessing portions, eliminating food at least 2 hours before bedtime, regular DDPYOGA workouts, 3-5 mile walks and a bit of weight-lifting for the calorie-burning muscle to remain intact. For the first time since the train roared in, I feel encouraged & hopeful. It is work to be sure. And menopause is also a mild challenge compared to the burdens others are dealing with. I completely understand that. I also effuse gratitude that my weight loss transformation occurred well before my 50’s. Can you imagine what I’d look and feel like with my former habits going at full speed? I shudder to think.

So after I write this, I’ll finish my lemon water, lace up my walking shoes and get to work. The rest of the day will be spent getting work done, listening to my body, learning to live with less food, staying hydrated, and yes…having some fun. An essential element to transformation and recovery.  I’m staying strong, hanging in, and going the distance!


From discouragement to triumph!

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