Tapping Into The Ultra-Mind

I’m going to get all metaphysical on you here for this one, but if any of you have been following me for a while, you know that’s nothing new.  I’ve always maintained that healing and balance require attention to the physical (good food and regular movement); psychological (loving yourself, feeling the feelings); and metaphysical or spiritual (meditation, nature walks, focused relaxation).

In the past, when I focused on only one of these elements, the result was short-term success. Now, I focus on them all. Lately I’ve been feeling the pull to spend more time going within, especially in the morning, before I let the world in.  I reacquainted myself with a technique I used when I first began releasing weight in 2009. It’s a focusing exercise I found written on two sheets of blue notepaper, written by me in purple ink. I have no idea where or who I got it from and there’s no date on it.  Could have been from a friend or a workshop…I’d love to credit the author of it.  But I feel compelled to share it, so here it is. I’ve reworded it to align with the results I prefer (weight-release instead of weight-loss and instead of merely releasing weight (which could include muscle and other valuable commodities, I prefer to be rid of excess fat and water).

If this technique appeals to you, I urge you to do it regularly…three times a week or more.  Let its message percolate through all the layers of both the conscious and unconscious mind and don’t put a time-table on results.  You may put it aside for a few months and then come back to it.  Your path is your own and there’s no right or wrong.  I hope it helps in some way as it did for me.

What I enjoy most about this is the first three steps, which really allow me the luxury of tuning in to my body and being present in it.  As a trance-eater, that’s something I avoided. Like the plague.  I put a lot of mental energy, actually, in denying my body’s existence.  Sounds odd, but when you’ve been trained by the society around you to loathe your body, it becomes an automatic survival skill.

As the years go by and the healing of both the inner and outer blossom, I find it to be  a friendly and enjoyable endeavor to just stop for a minute and realize where I am and what a powerful and amazing mechanism I’m living in.  Give it a shot. It doesn’t take that long once you get in the groove.  Here’s to a little restoration and quiet time.


Ultra-Mind Technique for Weight Release


1.  Select a location where you are not likely to be disturbed. Lie or sit down in a chair whose back is high enough to support your head.

2.  Close your eyes and for one minute, follow your breath without any attempt to control it. Be aware of the relaxation flowing through your body.

3.  Take a deep breath, extending your diaphragm , and release your stomach muscles immediately. Allow your consciousness to follow this breath through your entire body, following it as it is absorbed in al your body cells. Repeat the breath exercise three times.

4.  Repeat the following words to yourself mentally: Through the Miraculous Power of my Ultra-Mind, I Direct that my physical body begins this very moment to release excess fat and water.  I Direct that with a release of excess fat and water, my body attains and maintains a condition of Perfect Health.  I further Will that the Intelligence of my High Self Directs that this release is proportional in that I release excess fat and water only in areas where excess fat and water release is needed. 

5.  Repeat the breath exercise in #3, but now allow your consciousness to follow the distribution of breathe to the areas of your body where excess fat and water release are needed most.

6.  Repeat the following words to yourself mentally: Through the Miraculous Power of my Ultra-Mind, I Will that the Miracle of Metaphysical Healing is also brought to my appetite and that I desire the most nutritious foods for my body, and only in amounts that my body can use for the attainment and maintenance of Perfect Health. 

7.  For one minute, follow your breath again with no attempt to control it. Allow yourself to be aware of the great feeling of relaxation that flows through your entire body.

8.  Open your eyes and go about your normal daily life.



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