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Tonight, Robert, Mike, and Stacey will welcome DDP himself…and look out – he just saw the food industry documentary “Fed Up,” and DDP is outraged and in a fire-breathing fury! “I was amazed and horrified by what I saw in that documentary and I want EVERYONE, especially Team DDPYOGA members to see it,” he said. “I knew refined sugar was unhealthy, but I had no idea the extent to which it’s in just about EVERYTHING! The sugar lobby is a very powerful one, but we need to arm ourselves with knowledge and take back our health. Sugar is aging, addictive, and just as aggravating as gluten when it comes to inflammation in the body.”

Mike Mullins will be talking about the news of his 10-day-sugar-free-challenge and what Day One was like for him. And Stacey will share some of her sugar-free recipes from her newly released cookbook, “Clean Comfort – An Adventure in Food, Courage, and Healing: How I Went from 345 lbs. to a Size 8 Without Losing My Sanity.”

DDP will also be talking about this year’s DDP Double Diamond Retreat Extravaganza, which again takes place at the opulent oceanside paradise known as The El Dorado Royale Resort & Spa on Mexico’s gorgeous Riviera Maya. But don’t just take Sally’s word for how stunning the resort is, check out episodes 17-19 of this seasons “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” when the gang goes on a couples’ getaway to the El Dorado Royale. You’ll see plenty of footage of the gorgeous beaches, casita pools with swim-up bars, fabulous restaurants, and luxurious spa, which is second to none. For shots of the resort, visit http://www.somewhereluxurious.com/real-housewives-atlanta-mexico/2456. For more information on the retreat, visit http://www.thetravelsmiths.com/promo.php?id=148 .

And always, tonight’s show is also dedicated to YOU! Whatever challenges you’re facing right now, the good news is, you’ve got a GREAT network of support! Staying connected via Team DDP YOGA, our Facebook networks, and DDP Radio is a great way to feel the camaraderie and stay positive. We’ll be taking your questions tonight, so call or check into the chat room and be a part of it. DDP created the show as a forum for sharing questions, concerns, and triumphs that are part of the path to better health.

It’s a journey that never ends, which is why a supportive community is a crucial part of the process. Call in with a question for DDP, Mike, Robert, or Stacey. You can also e-mail questions in advance to StaceyMorris345@yahoo.com, or send one in during the show in the chat room at DDP Radio. Time doesn’t always allow for every question to be answered but we sure try our best.

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