It’s Schleptemer – Take The Challenge!

Who’s ready for the Schleptember Challenge?

Now, I know the Webster dictionary of Schlep (Yiddish in origin) is to haul or carry something in a tedious way.  That’s not the look we’re going for.  Here’s the proposal: Place extra focus this month on hauling yourself on foot rather than driving, or being sedentary. It’s a great complement to DDPYOGA or any other form of working out you’re already engaged in.  Not a big revelation that Americans are some of the most sedentary people on earth thanks to suburban sprawl, remote controls, reclining chairs and other conveniences that keep us inert.

No need for a step-counter for this, but if you have one – use it! Make a commitment this month to park further away from the grocery store, walk to a destination instead of driving, head for the stairwell of a building rather than the elevator…you get the idea.

When I lived in Amsterdam one summer I dropped 12 pounds without trying.  That’s because Europeans inherently have more activity built into their lifestyle. You walk to grocery shop or to a cafe, make the 3-block journey to hop the tram, and then walk some more once you’re at your destination. And something that was unmistakable about Amsterdam:  its inhabitants were as a whole, more vibrant, happy, and patient than the masses of people I was accustomed to while mingling with in public back in the states.  I know there are other factors that culturally add up to increased happiness, but clearly, regular movement helps both the body and soul.  So, who’s with me?

While the weather’s still summery and before the snow starts falling, I’ve been taking 50-minute walks each morning. It not only energizes me and eradicates the morning cobwebs from my body and brain, it puts me ahead of the curve metabolically. And I feel great afterwards.  Happy Schleptember Everyone!



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