Doing The Work (In The Proper Order)

I didn’t create the rules…just learned to play by them after years and years of trying to do it the diet industry’s way.

One day I realized…If I’m eating to dull the pain, distract myself from unhappy details of my life, to swath myself in a sheet of fat so I can generally hide from life and all its adventures and complexities…does it make any sense that counting calories and manipulating food groups will solve what ails me?

It was much deeper than calorie-counting and cutting back on carbs, and I knew it.

So I took an entirely different approach: work on the wounds themselves and not their symptoms. And I started the process many years ago…when I looked like this:

Summer of 1999

Summer of 1999

When I looked like this, is when my healing began.

When I looked like this, is when I began the deluge of positive thoughts and kind messages.

When I looked like this, is when I began to love myself and my body unconditionally.

If I hadn’t done the work when I looked like this, I never would have been ready to embrace a sound formula for fitness and healthy eating when it finally came along…at just the right time, of course.

Message of the Day: Do the work and Life will more than meet you half way.

Glowing after a DDPYOGA Workout

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