Planning Makes Perfect (Sense)

As I often do when in possession of luscious avocados at their perfect peak of ripeness, I refer to two of my favorite dessert recipes from Clean Comfort. You’d think someone who eats avocados daily would be a major guac fan. Not me. 80% of the time, I alchemize the creamy, rich greenness into a pudding or mousse. On the remaining 20% of the occasions, I simply slice them into wedges, sprinkle with sea salt, and dive in!

As even a casual avocado-lover knows, timing is crucial. When ripeness has arrived, you can’t wait a day or two (as is possible with say, apples or oranges). I’ve learned the hard way that deferring with ripe avocados often ends in spoiled, unusable waste. It was apparent from their darkening skin color and slight give to the touch that the two avocados on the shelf were letting me know it was showtime. I’d bought them five days prior when they were florescent green and rock hard. Now, they seemed to be screaming a quiet but unmistakable telepathic message my way: “Take us, we’re perfect!” It was tempting to wait another day; the evening hour was nigh, I was weary, and had a half-finished to-do list hanging over my conscience. But my love of Pistachio Avocado Pudding and Chocolate Avocado Mousse won out in the end. Using my trusty food processor, I whipped up a batch of each and stored it in the refrigerator to be enjoyed over the next few days. Surprisingly, avocado pudding keeps well in the refrigerator for a few days. There may be a bit of oxidization of the top layer, but don’t let the off color alarm you, it’ll taste fine.

I weave you this culinary tale as yet another illustration of what it takes to eat clean. No major drama, but certainly, an investment of time and energy. I explained to a coaching client yesterday, it’s imperative I have treats, snacks, and other food options at the ready for when I need them. I can’t just run out to the store and buy a tub of Avocado Pistachio Pudding. And maybe that’s a good thing. Food made at home is hands-down healthier, more whole, and less expensive. Maybe there’ll come a day when lentil-based chocolate cakes are dispensed as easily as Little Debbie’s, and even then, I probably won’t make it a regular option. Long ago I accepted that eating clean, attuning myself to my feelings so I won’t have to use food as an escape, and making DDPYOGA a regular part of my life is just plain gonna take more time out of my life. But oh what a fair trade it is: I’m down 180 pounds, have infinitely more energy, and possess the gift of physical and emotional freedom. The puddings below took less than 30 minutes to concoct. Not a shabby deal, eh?

Creamy, dreamy, and completely nutritious Pistachio Pudding from "Clean Comfort" www.staceymorriscleancomfort.com

Creamy, dreamy, and completely nutritious Pistachio Pudding from “Clean Comfort” www.staceymorriscleancomfort.com

Chocolate Avocado Mousse, about to be sealed away in Tupperware for a future treat

Chocolate Avocado Mousse, about to be sealed away in Tupperware for a future treat

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