Red Hummus

This recipe was invented the morning after a night of delightful culinary excess at a food and wine fundraiser (Albany’s Wine and Dine For The Arts) in January. Although I stayed within my no gluten or sugar limits, the banquet of pulled pork and polenta, white wine risotto, short rib risotto, and two kinds of decadent liver pate, left me in desperate need of some vegetable-based cleansing. Aside from my beloved lemon water and morning fruit, this turned out to be the perfect 1 p.m. brunch on an unhurried Saturday. It’s also great as an appetizer, sandwich spread, or a post-workout snack:

1 can garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained

3 small tomatoes, chopped (or 1 cup cherry tomatoes) separated into two equal portions

2 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed

2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp. Garam Masala

1/2 tsp. Tumeric

1 tsp. sea salt

1/4 cup fresh parsley leaves

2 Tbs. fresh oregano

1/2 tsp. Harissa or hot sauce

Combine all ingredients in a food processor, setting aside half a portion of tomatoes. Pulse ingredients for about a minute, stopping occasionally to scrape the sides. When less chunky, add remaining tomatoes and pulse until it’s a smooth dip. Serve immediately with crackers or rice cakes or refrigerate in an airtight container. Makes about two cups of dip.

This kept for more than a week in the (back of the) refrigerator. I had the last of it tonight for a light-fare dinner of hummus, cherry tomatoes, and sliced avocado. Wow I Love Plants!

The perfect detox after a little culinary debauchery

The perfect detox after a little culinary debauchery

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