Spinach Mousse

There I was on a cold and dreary November afternoon, faced with the knowledge that the fresh spinach I bought two day ago was in peril of entering the wilting stage. Never much of a vegetable-lover, I just wasn’t in the mood for my usual method of making spinach disappear down the gullet quickly and painlessly: juicing. Being a Kapha, a cold glass of vegetable juice during late fall and winter months makes me ever more adverse to the green stuff than I already am.

And since I haven’t perfected a spinach soup recipe…yet, here’s what I did instead: a super-quick version of spinach quiche, no crust, of course. And when you taste this amazing concoction, you won’t miss it, I promise. Because I was pressed for time, I skipped the step (which I realize now is unnecessary) of sautéing the spinach in a wok. Using raw spinach works great, and also adds a slight crunch.

But first, more on what inspired my latest creation, besides two containers of fresh spinach that needed a purpose – STAT! After a full morning and early afternoon of sessions with coaching clients, I was HUNGRY and short on time. It’s moments like these when I’m grateful for following certain rules I keep so I’ll never be caught off guard when I need a quick and healthy meal. In this case:



Clean Eating Rule 1 – Always keep plenty of eggs in stock. They’re as versatile as they are indispensible, as a baking ingredient, or on their own as a casserole, salad, or fried sunny in the pan.

Clean Eating Rule 2 – Have at least 1 8-ounce log of chevre in the refrigerator. I seldom eat chevre on its own, but rely on it as a heavy cream and cream cheese substitute in sweet and savory recipes.

Clean Eating Rule 3 – Own a food processor if you don’t already. They save labor and often do the job better than most mortals trying to chop, dice, or blend by hand. Food processors are affordable and run the gamut from simple to grandiose. And if you buy one through the right retail outlet or home shopping network, you may be able to land an interest-free payment plan.



The three above simple rules, coupled with having a pantry filled with healthy oils and spices will take you FAR. Not to mention save you money. And because I was actively practicing them today, I was able to make a delicious, clean, and low-carb lunch I’ve named Spinach Mousse. Easy. Delicious. Nutritious.

With no further adieu, you’ll need the following:


10 ounces of fresh spinach

6 eggs

1 8-ounce log of chevre, room temperature if possible

1 medium onion, peeled and quartered

1 food processor

1 8×10 brownie pan, glass if possible

Cooking spray


Preheat oven to 330. Place the spinach in the food processor. It won’t all fit, but pulse a few bunches at a time until it’s all finely chopped. Add eggs and blend well. Add onion quarters, two at a time and blitz until they’re diced. Finally, add the chevre and blitz until mixture is a creamy batter. Spray the baking pan and scrape batter into it, using a rubber spatula. Bake 20-30 minutes until set, but not dry and cracked…you want a creamy, mousse-like texture. But…if you’re one who must have their eggs hard and dry…do what’s best for you.



Serve immediately and enjoy! Optional: spread a tablespoon of room-temperature butter over the top of the Spinach Mousse while it’s still steaming hot and let it melt in. YUM!

Full disclosure: I baked mine in a toaster oven. They do the job much more quickly than a conventional oven so I pulled my Spinach Mousse out after only 15 minutes at 300. I hope you’ll share with me how you like YOUR version…Bon Appetit!


Bet you can’t eat just three…

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